What software do you use?

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What software do you use?

Postby Droakir » Mon Aug 26, 2013 1:37 pm

A lot of people use a computer at some point during their creative process in order to produce a comic. My question is... what software do you use, and what do you use it for? Let's try and build a comprehensive list of the types of software people find most useful for common tasks by listing what you've used on your previous projects. Software categories include (but are not limited to) scripting, penciling, inking, coloring and lettering.

I'll start it off with a couple of my projects from the past few years:

Comic Name: Designation Se7en
Software Used: Flash (inking/coloring/lettering), Notepad (scripting)

Comic Name: Lakewood
Software Used: Adobe Illustrator (inking/lettering), Google Docs (scripting)
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Re: What software do you use?

Postby EsutherlIV » Mon Jun 30, 2014 1:33 am

The Programs I use are, Paint tool Sai, Gimp, Sketch-up, Google Sky drive, a number of notepad programs, Side bar Note programs, Wings3d, Open Broadcast Software, Livestream, Blender. (mostly just trying them out and all that.)

I use Gimp mostly for effects Pain Tool Sai cant handle like Text and screen pasting.

I use Paint tool Sai as my main art and coloring, this program is MADE for artists and it's cheap (like $40)

For buildings and perspective I use Google Sketch-up. It's quite useful if you are needing a quick reference or skeleton for cities. It's also easy to use and for "most applications" is free

I I'm starting to do most of my work on the Google Sky drive because my computer has become... a problem as of late. It also lets me share my work with people as well as lets others actively help me on my projects. My Notepad programs are now on Google so... yeah

Windows has a number of free notepad and text editors on the side of your computer screen. for REALLY quick and easy to access notes.

Post-it note software, for planning and the like. It's mostly just a gimmick but fun.

Wings 3d is a free and easy to use SIMPLE 3d Modeler. I use it for pre-vis and prop construction if I'm having issues thinking it through OR if the object is going to be beyond my current ability to draw.

Open Broadcast I use for when I want to stream and talk about my art WHILE I'm doing it. It's a little hard to set up but it's better them most of the software on the market AND it's free.

Most of my drawing stuff is either on Join.me (computer OS issue) or Livestream where others can chat and request artwork as well as watch my make it. It's really fun and an interesting way to boost audience numbers. (If it's just writing I use Google Drive and their chat feature so they can watch, edit and comment to me)

Blender/3ds Max - More rendering software 1 is free, the other is not and it takes WEEKS to learn it.

Skype, keeping in contact with my friends and collaboration partners because I live in the middle of nowhere.
Hope this is what you were talking about. :3
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