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Printing Company Index

Postby Droakir » Tue Aug 27, 2013 9:51 am

Most of our members have self-published at least one book. As a result, we have a lot of experience with various publishers. Feel free to post a link to publishing companies and print-on-demand companies and your experiences with them in the replies below. I will keep this topic updated with a "master list" of companies. In addition, let us know if you have printed with any of the companies listed and how their service/product quality was.

General Advice Before Printing

Getting your content published is a very big step. Make sure you go with the printing company that's right for you. Once you've settled on the type of physical book you want to have (ink, paper type, binding, etc.) make sure to get price quotes from as many companies as you can. Don't forget to add shipping to your total, as some companies leave shipping costs off of their quotes. Also check for bonus options. Does the printer offer a free ISBN? Do you want an ISBN? These factors should all weigh into your decisions. Don't forget local companies either - sometimes you can get really good deals with local print shops, and you can skip the shipping by stopping by the print shop to pick up your order. And lastly... printed proofs, though they can be a little expensive, are often worth investing in. They allow you to check for typos, image printing errors, etc. and can save you a lot of money reprinting a run of books should there happen to be a problem. That being said... the best of luck to you!

New Mexico Printing Companies

APS Graphics
Originally set up as a way for the Albuquerque Public Schools to print their own supplementary materials, APS Graphics has become it's own commercial printing company with digital presses. This company offers saddle-stitched books in both folded and square folded spines, and they can print in both BW and color. They do not offer perfect bound or hardcover options at this time.
Special Requirements: APS Graphics requires a tax ID. This means you need to have a business license.
Members who have printed with this company: Pete Ziomek, Todd Bernnady

Nationwide Print-on-Demand Companies

Lulu is a company that has been producing print-on-demand books for many years. Prices tend to be higher than most other Print on Demand companies, but Lulu's quality tends to be consistent. They print BW and color in several binding options including saddle stitch, perfect bound, and hardcover.

CreateSpace is Amazon's physical and digital publishing platform. In addition to producing e-books for the Kindle platform, CreateSpace offers print-on-demand services as well as ISBNs for books printed and sold through them. They print in both BW and color, and offer trade paperbacks.

Ka-Blam is a digital publishing platform favored by many independent comic creators. They offer comic books in BW and color in all standard comic and manga sizes. Binding options include saddle stitch and perfect bound.
Members who have printed with this company: John Myers, Jenn Myers

Lightning Source
A newcomer to the POD community, Lightning Source prides itself on high quality volume book printing orders. They produce books in multiple paper qualities and have several ink and binding options. This is one of the few POD companies that offers paperback books in either glossy or matte finish covers. In addition, hardcover books and saddle stitched books are available.

Superior POD
Superior POD is the jack-of-all-trades of print-on-demand companies. They can print anything from promotional materials such as flyers and posters to game components and books. Large variety and relatively straightforward pricing makes this company an interesting option, even if only for promotional materials. They offer BW and color books in saddle stitched and perfect bound versions.

Greko Printing
Offering a new service called Comix Well Spring, offering saddle-stitched BW and color comics.

48 Hour Books
Specializing in short print runs of books, particularly by self-published authors. Offers BW and color books in perfect bound and hardcover.

Book Baby
Specializes in ebooks and short print runs of print books. Has a wide variety of binding options ranging from saddle stitch to paperback to hardcover.
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Re: Printing Company Index

Postby John Myers » Tue Aug 27, 2013 11:40 am

Jenn and I have had good results with Ka-Blam, we pay roughly $7.50 a unit for All the Growing Things (140 pages, black and white) and a little less than $5.00 a unit for Vagus Street (80 pages, black white). We have always received our books on time and have only had one printing error, which they were happy to replace and I have had good luck communicating with them when it was necessary.

They also offer instant quoting on their website, which is handy.

At Bubonicon Turner told me about Comic Wellspring: We haven't used them yet but they look like they are about $.10 a unit cheaper than Ka-Blam for black and white and $.50 cheaper for color. But they don't offer online quoting, just price comparisons so I don't know how that varies with the page count.
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Re: Printing Company Index

Postby Droakir » Wed Aug 28, 2013 10:08 am

Thanks John! I've added it to the list. Don't forget to let me know of any other companies you've heard about or have done business with.
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Re: Printing Company Index

Postby Yoga Yoda » Fri Sep 13, 2013 9:07 am

America's Press - - out of Houston is my current favorite for printing trades. They've been quick, cheap, and easy to deal with. Plus, Houston is not too far away, so the shipping is not too bad. I've printed three books with them. One of them was 9" x 6" horizontal with a bleed, which is an expensive format. They were able to do it less than 1/8" smaller than what I was asking for and did it beautifully for a fraction of the price. One tip - make sure you're sending the information to the right person in the company. Check at the beginning to see who gets what.

7000 BC's Jams volumes were printed at America's Press as well. Bram can speak to how that went.

I've also used SIPS in Victoria, BC. They've done well by me, but there has been a personnel shift since I've dealt with them. I know others have had a rough experience during the transition. Just thought I'd mention them as a possibility. They used to be cheap enough that it was still worth it with the shipping cost from Canada. Not sure that's still true unless you're able to get to Victoria and pick them up yourself.

I've also printed several things with APS (Graphics Enterprise Services - ) that Pete works at, and they always do it well. Several other BC folks have printed there too, and we've done some strings and other 7000 BC materials there. Plus, we've got the inside man. Pete keeps on top of any 7000 BC-related orders and makes sure it's top quality. Thanks, Pete! Quick turnaround, high quality, and personal service. And the best price for any local company that I've seen.

If you want to print straight up color copies on a standard size paper, I've used Docucopies. I think they may still be the cheapest way to go. I've done my own folding and stapling. We've done some BC things through them as well, but I think we're taking those to APS now since they're black and white. (Plus, y'know, there's Pete, so you know it'll be done right. APS does very nice color work too, but are a little more expensive if budget is a big concern.) Docucopies is generally fine for simple books that have a little slop space. With bleeds, they may not line up perfectly. I've had a few that were on the edge of usable. But if you want to do cheap color minis or color handbills or that sort of thing, they're good.

I'm not even mentioning the company that I think doesn't exist anymore that I dealt with. I had no idea you could screw up a book so many different ways.
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