Main functions of masters

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Main functions of masters

Postby MarcoAurelio » Sun Mar 17, 2019 4:32 pm

The masters financial risk management online perform three functions: reporting on risks, monitoring and analyzing risks, and presenting risk perspectives to the management team. In the first case, it verifies that all necessary reports are prepared and based on accurate data. The reporting process should be reviewed once a year. The senior risk officer should then monitor and analyze all risks - credit, operational, market, social performance, solvency and reputational risks, etc. - with particular attention to areas where these risks overlap. Finally, by discussing risk perspectives in the senior management team (including, if available, the assets and liabilities committee) and the board's risk management committee, the chief risk officer provides information, as necessary, in deliberations on new products, strategies, etc., and is responsible for stress testing and scenario planning.
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